Find Time to Boost Your Twitter Experience with Twubs!

Finding time to enhance your ability to make the most of Twitter time is always a good idea.  There’s so much going on in the Twitterverse … it can be overwhelming to try to sort it all out!

Enter Twubs!  Twubs are “Twitter groups built around content aggregated from #hashtags.”  What a simple and elegant idea!

You may have read about hashtags in our recent post “Find Time to Tweet Some Heavenly Hashtags” – it gives you the basics about this powerful Twitter tool.

Twubs is the next step!  As Mashable notes, “Twubs, or hashtag hubs, gives hashtag users the power to contribute their own photos, videos, and tweets, edit Twub information related to the hashtag, and get a more comprehensive view of the stream of activity. Users can also search their favorite hashtags to view the latest tweets, Twitpics, and Twub (hashtag) contributors.”

The Twubs screen is set up very much like Twitter, and adds some very helpful features.  You can follow the Twitter stream defined by your selected hashtag in real time, and respond or add Tweets easily, right from the Twubs dashboard.  With Twubs you have the ability to choose and then describe your own hashtags.  This can be an excellent way to target an audience and focus conversations.  However, Twubs is a “wiki” – which means that anyone can change that description any time.  This opens up the potential for mischief, as the Mashable post notes.

I’ve added two Time Finder hashtags to Twubs:  #findtime and #heartime.  Keep your eye out for them on Twitter … and join the group on Twubs!

Here is a Hub about Twubs!  (Sorry, I could not resist ending with that sentence!)  Stay tuned for next week’s Cyber Monday post … we’ll be telling you more about Hubs!

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  1. My curiosity has been satisfied! Now I know what Twubs are. Thanks for a good, clear description.

  2. Ellen Zucker says

    Thanks for the heads up about Twubs. It sounds like a great way to expand the range of like-minded people you can reach.

  3. Great update Paula. Now managing the time for tweets may become twuble.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Ellen and Rob.

    And Rob, that was punny! 😉

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