Find Time to Bring Along What You Need for Each Day’s Journey

Finding time to give yourself what you need is probably the most powerful productivity tool there is.  It is what makes everything possible; and yet, for many, this is the item that constantly falls to the bottom of the list.

So, maybe it will help if you think of your day as a journey. Picture yourself setting off for London or New York or whatever destination captures your fancy.

Would you hop on the plane empty-handed?  (I am guessing probably not!)

My guess is that you would have made a list of things that you knew you’d need.  You’d have assembled them, along with some items that you ‘might’ want.  In order to gather what you need, you’d have thought about what you’d be doing, where you’d be going, and also (based on your self-knowledge) the things that would help keep you comfortable along the way.

So, think about what you need for your day…

Well, that same process offers a very helpful frame for scanning and planning your day!

You might try doing this in the evening or morning, either before bed or with your breakfast or first cup of coffee.  Think about what you’ll be doing and what you need to be as productive and present as possible in each moment.

I suggest that, for starters, you write down one of the things that you know you’ll need, and plan to give it to yourself.  Then, at the end of the day, check in with yourself and see whether you actually did it.  This will begin to build your self-awareness, and as you follow-through, it also builds your self-trust.

If you think about it, each day truly is a journey!  The familiarity of our routines can sometimes mask or mute the adventure.  You may not be heading off to Paris or Montreal or San Francisco this morning, but you most definitely are heading off on the unique and precious adventure that is your new day.  So, bring what you need and take care of yourself along the way!

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