Find Time to Capture Your Creative Ideas!

Finding time to capture creative ideas when they come is a perennial challenge.

Opportunity is a bird that never perches. Claude McDonald

BathSo often our best ideas arrive when we are least in a position to do something with them. I don’t think this is accidental so much as a reflection of how the creative process works. After we’ve worked away at a problem, using all the tools at our disposal … it’s when we step away and shift our focus that our unconscious has a chance to contribute.  This is when a solution or creative new idea bubbles up, seemingly without effort. The effort was invested beforehand and we needed to let it all percolate — but it certainly can seem like magic!

So, if we recognize and accept the fact that many of our most creative ideas are going to occur to us at odd times, then how can we make sure that we capture them?

The solution is to give yourself some portable tools for recording what comes to you.

Tools to capture your ideas…

For many years I have carried a small notebook with me. It accompanies me on walks and car trips — not just big trips, but trips to the grocery store, the vet’s, the dentist’s — wherever I go in my daily round of chores and activities. I keep it at my desk, and by my bed at night, too.

Small tape recorders can be handy and, if you’re digitally minded, a digital voice recorder may be an even easier and more flexible tool for you to use. These easily fit in a pocket or purse, and can be kept handy on a bedside table, in a car, exercising — wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

An added benefit of a digital voice recorder is that many of them will interface with the voice recognition software packages that are available for your computer. This extends the functionality of the voice recorder even further.

So many possibilities…

I could have dictated this blog post into a voice recorder, plugged it into my voice recognition software, and had it all transcribed for editing without touching the keyboard.  I’m not at that stage yet, though!  For me, simply capturing my ideas easily and quickly … no matter where I am … remains the biggest plus of this tool.

What tools or tricks do you use to snag your creative ideas when they come?  I invite you to write a comment and share your thoughts and experiences … I’d love to hear!

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