Find Time to Celebrate Birthdays: Heart-Based Reminders of What Matters Most!

Finding time to celebrate the important days in our communal and personal lives is so important!  It reinforces and validates what matters most to us – and provides an opportunity to appreciate our moments and the companions (both human and animal) that we share them with.  So this weekend (on 7/29/12, to be specific) we’ll be celebrating our Maltese Zoe’s second birthday!

Time holds everything that takes place in our lives – arrivals and departures, joys and sadnesses, gains and losses.  Time holds them all with utter neutrality.  One experience isn’t more important than another; each is simply a part of the flow.  So, remembering special events and celebrating anniversaries helps us place ourselves in the river of time.

“This time last year …” Remember when …?” Just as children (and adults) thrive when they have boundaries, and we like to have a map when we travel, remembering special events helps us know where we are in time.

So here’s what I remember, as we approach this marker:

  • It was back on October 23, 2010 that we went to pick up our new puppy.  I remember that the woman who had bred Zoe was very attached to her!
  • Zoe weighed just 2 pounds and fit in the palm of my hand when we first brought her home.
  • I’ll never forget the car ride that day.  It was one of those perfect October days when the sky is bright, bright blue and the air is crystal clear and brisk.

The other thing that I remember so clearly is that Alex, Zoe’s ‘big brother’ who was waiting at home was initially very much afraid of her.  For awhile we kept them separate, while Zoe got acclimated.

After several days, when the time came to introduce them, we carefully put them together.  Alex was so much bigger than little Zoe – but he didn’t seem to realize that.  Something about Zoe’s feisty energy perhaps, made him much more cautious than their relative sizes would lead you to expect!

Over and over, in those initial moments, Alex would crouch down, take two steps forward, and then leap away.  A moment later, there’d be another two steps toward Zoe, and then he’d hop back. This went on for quite some time … our great big 10 lb. Maltese boy, afraid of tiny little 2 lb. Zoe!

Needless to say, they are now fast friends and have accommodated one another marvelously.

And as we celebrate having Zoe in our lives, I reflect back on how we all adjusted to the newness of her – and how time held that, too.  Like a pebble dropped in water, the effects of the change ripple out, at first ‘disturbing’ the smooth surface of the water, and then settling back and becoming one with it.

Do you have any celebrations coming up?  Birthdays, perhaps?  I invite you to take these opportunities to pause, reflect, and appreciate what matters most, as you flow through time!

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