Find Time to Celebrate Clarity and Realism this Holiday Season

Finding time to give yourself a clear picture of what is truly possible during holiday times can reduce stress, temper expectations, and boost your benevolence. 3 big benefits!

Have you ever noticed how the “magic of the holidays” can occasionally regress some of your nearest and dearest? Do they sometimes become cantankerous versions of themselves? Well, it’s important to remember that this can happen to you, too!

Realism helps…

But it needn’t. It helps to remember what I wrote about gifts in a previous post. It holds true for all the other holiday preparations, too. No matter how many hours you invest in creating “perfect” holiday treats and settings, friends and family largely create their own levels of satisfaction. By celebrating clarity and realism, and not sentimentalizing the season, you retain your perspective and your sense of humor, too.

When you say No to wishful thinking and unrealistic fantasies, you increase the likelihood that you will remain centered and accessible. That way you remain open to the real magic that holiday moments can bring.

And remember, no matter where you travel, you can always be home in your heart for the holidays.  When you’re warmly at home there, then that’s where others will find you.

Happy holidays!

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