Find Time to Clear Out the Clutter That Weighs You Down, Trips You Up and Holds You Back!

Finding time to give yourself what you need is one of the core values of Heart-Based Time Management.  And among the most self-nurturing gifts that we can give ourselves is the gift of a calm and peaceful environment.  What that means in practice may vary from person to person … but the bottom line is that you know what makes you feel good, and conversely, what contributes to feelings of overwhelm and chaos.

That’s why I was so happy to spend a part of my day on Monday giving myself the gift of clearing out some clutter.  By the time I was finished, I had gotten rid of more that 100 pounds of accumulated paper!  Then yesterday I got rid of about 50 pounds more.

It’s such a gift – and it’s no mistake that I am describing the results in pounds.  As I worked to clear out the clutter, I could literally feel the heaviness lift off of my shoulders.  The end result is, as it always is, a powerful and palpable transformation in my space AND in my energy.

The key to success lies in thinking about the process ahead of time.  It’s not a matter of simply deciding, one day, to clear out the clutter.  I take time, ahead of time, to think about what I can do without.  I plan the process and visualize myself moving through it.

That way, when I actually begin to clear out the clutter, I have already created the path in my brain.  Once I get started, I don’t even need to think about it.

The mindset that I approach this with always involves the same process, no matter what the task.  Thinking about it ahead of time and seeing myself doing it, step by step by step, means that I can move through the process much more quickly once I begin.  Indecision doesn’t slow me down; I have already explored the terrain and am well aware of any potential glitches.

There is another wonderful gift about this, whether you want to clear out the clutter or embark on some other project.  You get to enjoy the results twice – once as you envision it, and then again, when you actually follow through and accomplish your goal.

For me, seeing that 150 or so pounds of paper leaving my office space was the best gift I could have given myself this week.

Are you feeling ready to clear out the clutter that weighs YOU down? What does that process look like for you? Picture it, make it real, and drop me a line – I’d love to hear how it goes!

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Let’s explore time together …

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  1. Wow – 150 pounds… I’m so impressed! Sounds like you put your room on a diet! 🙂

  2. That’s a great image, Alison – and thanks for your supportive words!

  3. seetharaman says

    Dear Ms. Paula Eder,

    Thank you for sharing. I can imagine the weight removed after destroying 150 pounds of unwanted paper. The process of going through the actions mentally beforehand and then executing them without any thoughts is very efficient. Finding time for heart-based activities is excellent.

  4. I am so glad that you find the posts helpful and on-target, seetharaman … and I appreciate your supportive words. Here’s to your time success!

  5. What an inspiring post, Paula!

    Knowing that you eliminated 150 pounds of paper certainly encourages me to clear the clutter in my own life. Thank you for sharing the action steps of prior planning and visualizing. Decluttering on a whim often brings to me the snags of sentimentality (and not wanting to let go of certain things), distraction or overwhelm. Envisioning the process – which includes a vision of overcoming these challenges – allows success.

    Thank you for always helpful time-finding posts!


  6. Hi Caroline –
    I am so glad to hear that you found this post helpful and encouraging. I also love how you highlighted the ways that we can trip ourselves up in our de-cluttering efforts if we don’t have a plan.

    Setting small, reachable goals at the start really helps, too. You put yourself in a position to succeed, and as you build on success, your confidence grows. Before you know it, 150 lbs of paper (or other clutter) will be gone.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and experience – it is so nice to hear from you!


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