Find Time to Collaborate Using Google Docs This Cyber Monday

Finding time to work efficiently and effectively with others on projects becomes a lot easier when you are able to collaborate on documents in real time.  Enter Etherpad, and its various iterations (like Google Docs).

First, a little history:  Etherpad was created back in 2008, acquired by Google in 2009 and converted to open source soon thereafter.  Now, there are a number of different venues for accessing the time-saving functionality originally developed by Etherpad.  The Etherpad Foundation coordinates further Etherpad development, and serves as a clearinghouse for sites that feature this software.  You can visit them on the web if you are interested in learning more about the nuts and bolts of Etherpad.

Google Docs is one of the places that has incorporated Etherpad functionality and we’ll focus on that tool in this post.  Here’s how Google Docs describes what they do … in a nutshell: “You can upload files from your desktop or create documents, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations right in Google Docs.   The result? You can open all these files anywhere and share them with anyone.”

Here is a video, describing “Google Docs in Plain English.”  It is a very straightforward overview of how this tool works, and how you can use it to save time and work more efficiently on the web!

The Google Docs Blog is an excellent source for up-to-date information and developments about this tool.  A good example is this year-end post that reviews Google Doc developments during 2010

This video gives a slightly more detailed overview of how it works:

The ability to chat and/or see real-time edits to your documents (without having to refresh your screen) makes communication and collaboration so easy!

And even if you’re not looking to collaborate, Google Docs makes sharing easy as pie, too!  You might choose to upload documents for people to view (but not edit).  Here, for example, is a Plain Text version of an edition of the Finding Time Ezine from back in 2007 shared via Google Docs.

I hope this post was helpful, and would love to hear about how YOU work on-line – and whether collaboration is something you’ve explored (or would like to)! Oh, and I’d love to hear what you think about Google Docs or any of the other  Etherpad options, if you’ve given them a try!

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