Find Time to Connect in Every Venue and Include YOU!

Finding time to connect using the available on-line social venues can be a time-consuming task.  Just today I linked up in two new (to me) places … BranchOut on Facebook, and

It can be great fun to explore the networking sites and tools available on the web.  Furthermore, if you are a small business owner, coach, or on-line entrepreneur, you know that it’s very important to have your name, business information, and products easily accessible for people.  It’s a pretty simple equation:  the more you connect and are connected to, the more SEO clout you have … which then means more connections … and more clout … and so on.

But there’s the time question … how do you find time to connect?   We’ve written a lot about that here at The Time Finder … scroll down for a list of some related posts.

Once you find the time, how do you connect meaningfully?  You see, connecting isn’t just a matter of sharing blog posts and links and auto-tweets.  Connection is a matter of real engagement.

Sound daunting?  Well, I would argue that the key is taking a step back and connecting with YOURSELF for starters. You simply can’t have real engagement, in ANY venue, unless you are connected with yourself.  And the good news is that when you are connected to YOU, engagement won’t be a big stretch.

So here’s what I’d suggest:  Before you next get on-line to visit your Facebook Page or your Twitter account …

  • Take a seat in a comfy chair;
  • Relax your head, neck, shoulders, and hands;
  • Inhale deeply and then exhale, letting go of ant tension that you are holding; and
  • Greet yourself with love.

Sit like that for at least a couple of minutes – it doesn’t have to be long (but you’ll love it enough to want to keep doing it).

Return to your work with renewed energy, self-compassion, insight and ideas. You will be amazed at the boost this simple exercise can give you, as you find time to connect in every venue … and include YOU as the key ingredient!

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Let’s explore time together …

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