Find Time to Create a Morning Ritual: The Heart-Based Way to Start Your Day!

Finding time to balance your energies is especially potent as you start your day. That’s why I warmly recommend that you create a morning ritual for yourself.

It needn’t be long or complex to be effective.  What it provides is powerful grounding and a much-needed boost.  Even 5, 10 or 15 minutes can help, so don’t tell yourself there’s not enough time … there is!

You dedicate this special time as a gift to yourself.  What a great way to  befriend yourself every single day – with a gift first thing!  Create a morning ritual that includes whatever you find most sustaining and centering.

By continuing this day after day, you are making and keeping a heart-based promise to yourself! This is so good for you for so many reasons.  Here are a few of the positive things you can experience when you create a morning ritual for yourself:

    • First, you tune in deep. You ask yourself what you need, and listen closely to the answer.  Now you have a much better idea of the best way you can start your day.


    • You give yourself a wonderful gift. It may be affirmations, or a quiet time to read something that inspires you, or a quiet stroll.  This nourishment can be a touchstone for you throughout your day.


    • By following through, you deepen your self-trust and strengthen your relationship with yourself.  You affirm that you are there for yourself, each and every day.


    • You start your day feeling fulfilled, not empty.


    • This inner sense of safety helps you feel grounded.  You are more likely to continue taking good care of yourself and your time … and less likely to overextend yourself.


  • By beginning your day with a nourishing and affirming connection with yourself, you build a sturdy bridge between your essential self and the challenges you’ll be facing.

Your ritual will be unique – geared to just exactly what you need. Over time, it will evolve and enrich you even more. And remember:  It needn’t be long to be powerful.

So, create a morning ritual for yourself … fully enter the moment, treasure this inner oasis, and notice how it helps you throughout the day.

You may be very pleasantly surprised! Recent tests have shown that people who meditate for 20 minutes daily enjoy long-term benefits. These can be measured scientifically, even long after the person tested has stopped their meditation routine.  Think of what you can give yourself if you stay with this wonderful morning interlude!

So are you ready to create a morning ritual for yourself?  In an upcoming post, I’ll offer a series of questions you can ask yourself to create your ideal ritual.

There’s so much to explore … so stay tuned!  And in the meantime, if you’d like to explore ways to increase your power and effectiveness – whether it’s in your business, or your personal life … I am so pleased to be able to offer my expertise and support as The Official Guide to “Time Management”.

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