Find Time to Create Balance Amidst Change Using Flexible Focus

Finding time to be effective when in transition requires extra vigilance, doesn’t it? Routines and patterns that once worked for you are disrupted. How do you create balance for yourself, and keep tasks from slipping out of your schedule during times of change?

Flexible focus is a practical and effective skill to help you scan the changing landscape and coordinate your tasks and responsibilities. Think of a farmer, who notices and retrieves the wandering calf while still keeping an eye on the whole herd. It’s all about alternating close-range focus with broad peripheral vision.  The farmer might incorporate binoculars into her scanning routine as she surveys her acreage.  For you, it might be your favorite to-do list, reminder app or on-line calendar that helps you keep an eye on the big picture, as well as the details.

Here’s the key thing:  Before you begin working on your current top priority, give yourself a moment to step back and think about the transition you are undergoing.

  • How has your landscape changed?
  • Carefully conduct a fresh overview of your commitments.

Your survey will either confirm your current decision or remind you of something that you’d lost in the shuffle … and point you toward a course of action that will yield better results.

This use of flexible focus helps you know that no important commitment will go missing.  With that reassurance, you can bring yourself back to fully occupy and appreciate the present moment.

And as you use flexible focus to navigate your transitions, you’ll be enhancing your productivity and making even better use of your time!

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