Find Time to Create Quiet-Some Timely Thoughts

Finding time to take a breath can be one of the most challenging undertakings in your daily life.  And yet, it is also one of the most rejuvenating gifts you can ever give yourself.  So, the question is, how can you create quiet for yourself in your daily life?

In thinking about this. let’s start by reflecting on the recent holidays.  Did you notice that there were pockets of quiet?  I know that I did.  The volume of e-mail was way down, the phone rang less, Facebook was quieter, and it seemed like many people were ‘unplugged’ and living their moments the old fashioned way.

So, how did that feel to you?  Would you like to be able to create quiet like that for yourself more often?

I know that I felt refreshed, energized, and appreciative of the  break.  It served as a reminder that I can create quiet in my life any time that I want to.  All it requires is that I set and maintain some boundaries for myself.

Time boundaries may be something that you need to communicate to others (i.e. when you need to unplug or shut the door and have time to focus) or they may be something that you need to assert internally (i.e. when you limit your on-line time or create and follow through on an exercise regimen).

Either way, time boundaries can help you create quiet in your life – or create space for whatever your heart desires.  As far as gifts go, time boundaries may be just about the best thing going.

So consider giving yourself this present … for your present … as you embark on a New Year!

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