Find Time to Create Some Peace and Quiet … Right at Home

Finding time to inhale, exhale, and slow down is, for so many of us, seen as a luxury or a scarce pleasure?  Why is that so?

I’ll be asking Color Expert and Transitional Life Coach Cindy Hudson a little bit about that tonight at 7PM (ET)!  I am so excited about our interview.  It’s the third in my Finding Time EducationRich & HeartBased Interview Teleseries.

So many women grew up with the message that they needed to somehow address everyone’s needs (except their own) and strive to keep everyone happy (except themselves).  What an exhausting and … need I add … impossible … task!

At the same time, as most women know, there came the “never enough” message.  You were never smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough.  Whatever the enterprise, as women we fell short, pretty much by definition.  That was the message that so many of us absorbed as we grew up in this culture.

Strive to take care of everyone … and know that you are never enough!

Can you see what a terrible bind that puts women in?  It’s no wonder that so many feel chronically exhausted, discouraged, and either like martyrs or victims in their home and work lives.  It’s not surprising that sparks of energy and creativity are seriously dampened in the process.

So here’s your question.  Are you ready to explore ways to overcome overwhelm and give yourself the space and calm that you need to thrive?

If you are, then you’ve got to join me tonight as Cindy and I address this … and so much more … when I interview her about “Vibrational Effects of Color – How to Create a Sanctuary in Your Own Home.”

That’s tonight – Tuesday, April 6, from 7-8 PM!  Just click this link, sign up, and we’ll get you what you need to join us!  (Oh, and if you can’t make the call, not to worry.  Sign up and we’ll send you the MP3 as soon as it’s ready!)

How do you recharge your productivity? Do you find time and space in your life to inhale, exhale, and slow down?  Ready to learn how the Vibrational Effects of Color can help?   Join us – we’d love to have you on the call.  (And don’t forget our hashtag … #findtime!)

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Let’s explore time together …

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