Find Time to Create Your Very Own Twitter Daily News!

Finding time to keep up with your Twitter stream is a challenge.  How do you work it into your daily routine?

If you’re a newspaper reader, you may find this new tool from to your liking!  It’s called and what it does is take your own, unique Twitter stream and turn it into a daily newspaper for you!  As Jeff Bajayo writes on : has an original web app that turns your Twitter stream into a daily online newspaper. Your Twitter newspaper is updated every day just like the morning post. offers tags to help you find other newspapers by topic and explore the Twitterverse in a whole new way. You can share your new Twitter newspaper via the retweet button at the top of your page, and let all your followers read about what you are interested in.

How does work?  Here’s what Edouard Lambelet on twitip has to say:

This new tool analyzes all links shared by your friends during a given day, determines topics (politics, science, technology, etc.) using semantic text analysis tools, extracts the content (text, video, images, pdf) and rank them for probable pertinence. With all of that info the tool is then able to create a newspaper front page, enabling you to scan this content – contextualized by tweets, always displayed nearby articles – in a very way. If such quick scanning is not enough, you are also able to access a table view of all content shared in the last 24 hours by the tweeps you follow. Once created, this “newspaper” is automatically updated every 24 hours.

I created my newspaper this morning.  Depending on the size of your Twitter stream, this can take some time, but it’s well worth it.   My newspaper reflects what the people I’m connected with are tweeting about, giving me a quick overview of my Twitterverse!

You can tweet your newspaper to your followers, using the button at the top of your paper.  And, by using the “Notify Me” button, you can sign up to receive updates @ every 24 hours.  Just like having your newspaper delivered each day!

I encourage you to take a look at  It’s another way to look at Twitter, and may be a format that you’ll find helpful.

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  1. Hey Paula: Thanks for the lead on a good app to try. I am putting paper.i in motion as I type.

  2. Hi Kymberly – I’d love to hear what you think of it after a couple of weeks. It does look like it could be useful and interesting, doesn’t it?

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