Find Time to De-Clutter Your Computer on Cyber Monday!

Finding time to de-clutter is a great way to reduce stress.  Have you noticed?

The benefits of de-cluttering apply to your time, to your work and living spaces, AND to your computer!

My VA recently brought an excellent post by LJ on the Simple Productivity Blog to my attention.  Titled “Things You Should be Able to Do on a Computer to Keep It Clean,” it offers excellent advice for keeping your computer as uncluttered as possible – meaning that it will run faster, optimizing your work time.

The top three suggestions are to:

  • Uninstall unused software;
  • Clean-up the “stuff” that gets left behind when you remove software; and
  • Run an anti-virus utility regularly.

The post offers suggestions about two free clean-up applications:  Glary Utilities and CCleaner.  My VA tried CCleaner after uninstalling some never-used programs, and she found that it truly did speed up the performance of her computer.  This can have a major impact on efficiancy if you spend hours a day on the computer, as she does!

One other area to de-clutter, according to LJ, is your web browser.  Here is a helpful post about de-cluttering Firefox, if that’s your browser of choice. While many of the Firefox extensions are very helpful, they can also slow you down!

Finally, I would also heartily recommend de-cluttering your desktop periodically.  Opening up your computer to be faced immediately by a cluttered workspace can be very demoralizing.  My advice is to use your desktop for items you’re currently focused on, and using folders and sub-folders to keep everything else organized and more in the background.

Do you find time to de-clutter your computer?  Try doing a little bit of cleaning up once a month, and see how it goes for you!  I’d love to hear what you try – and what you think!

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