Find Time to Deal With Disappointment Gracefully

Finding time to deal with disappointment, whether it’s big or small, is a time management skill that is SO important to have in your toolbox.

Maybe that’s especially true these days.

I came upon a story from the sports world that is a perfect illustration of this … and I do mean perfect!  It’s one of Twitter’s Trending Topics today.

The Disappointment…

The situation involved a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, Armando Galarraga, who lost his bid for a perfect game last night with two outs in the ninth inning on a call that the first base umpire made a mistake on.

Though I am not a big sports buff by any means, I understand that a perfect game in baseball is a very, very big deal.  And from what I’ve read in the blogosphere, this umpire made a very, very big mistake.  So what did Armando Galarraga do after the bad call?

Galarraga looked stunned and Comerica Park went silent in disbelief. A couple of Tigers put their hands to their heads.

Galarraga quietly went back to work as the crowd started to boo. Cabrera continued to argue the call as Galarraga quickly retired Trevor Crowe for the one-hit shutout.

Dignity in disappointment…

I am so struck by the quiet dignity of this response to what must have been a huge disappointment to this young man.  He managed his reaction and returned to complete the work at hand.

In our daily lives, we experience disappointments, small and large, all the time. These blows to our hopes and expectations are always challenging. How do you cope? In Armando Galarraga I see the importance of taking a deep breath and not reacting in the moment.

He did not lose his composure or his temper, but completed his work quietly and walked off the field. OFF the field, there is space to experience and share a whole range of feelings. But whenever he looks back on that moment ON the field, he will always see his dignified response. In doing that he has given an expansive gift to himself … and to everyone watching!

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