Find Time to Deal with Your Paper-Just Ask Paula (or Maggie)!

Finding time for dialogue with members of the Finding Time community is one of my favorite things, and last night’s call with Certified Life Coach Maggie McCauley was a great example. Were you there?  Maggie shared a boatload of ideas and information about moving “From Chaos to Peace—Creating an Inspired Workspace.” If you couldn’t make it, but had signed up for the call, we’ll be sending you your (free) MP3 of this very special HeartBased and EducationRich teleseminar as soon as it’s available!

We got some great questions on the call, and Maggie also gave listeners the opportunity to contact her via her website – A New View for You – if they have additional, follow-up questions.

I love highlighting readers’ questions here, most Thursday’s, and today I’d like to enlarge on one of the perennial questions about clutter that came up last night … what do we do with all the paper?

Not surprisingly, Maggie had some excellent ideas and tips about how to handle paper, but first, here is a general principle that Maggie shared – one that will help with all of your organizing tasks.

In her work Maggie emphasizes the importance of bringing energy that is open and accepting to our organizing tasks.  It’s in an atmosphere of openness (be it embodied in our living and working spaces or in our inner spaces) that our creativity, productivity, AND our prosperity can best flourish!

So, it’s important to NOT bring critical, constricting energy to any of your organizing tasks.  The key is not to fall into the trap of trying to develop systems that are “right.”   Rather, look to find and implement the ones that work for you.  This is a very important and freeing shift in what can often be a shame-laden process for people. Maggie even encourages us to take the further step of coming to see our organizing tasks as gifts!  They are ongoing opportunities to create an environment that works for us.

So back to the paper!  Here are three quick tips that Maggie shared, just to get you thinking …

  • Paper is not the enemy!  Relax and open … this will free up your creativity as you approach your paper piles!
  • Did you know that 80% of what we file away, we never look at again?  This amazed me, and has me contemplating my files in a whole new way.
  • Rather than printing out online items that you want to read “someday” try creating a document file on your computer with links and brief descriptions.  You’ll still have access, but won’t be adding to your piles.

Have you developed systems for dealing with paper that work for you?  Great! How about sharing them with others here … we’d love to hear!

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