Find Time to Do It All With Seesmic Desktop 2

Finding time to manage and interact with your social networks just got a big boost from Seesmic with the release of their new Seesmic Desktop 2.  As they say in their introductory e-mail, “The inspiration to build SD2 came from the understanding that our users desired support of many different social services, more than just Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. And so, SD2 was born. With the plugin architecture in SD2, you can easily add, remove and customize the platform to include only the services that matter to you.”

I participate in several Ning Groups, and was very pleased to see that Ning is included among the Desktop apps, along with apps like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  The ability to have everything visible on one dashboard is a great time-saver.

In addition, the developers at Seesmic have made this available as an application for mobile devices, including Android phones (something that I expect my VA will be exploring shortly).

Here is a video introducing this flexible tool:

Below is an excerpt from a review on Mashable

SD2’s initial lineup of integrated apps includes Facebook, Foursquare (), Twitter, LinkedIn (), Google Buzz () and You can expand SD2’s functionality through the Plugin Marketplace. There are too many apps available in the marketplace to list here; you’ll find all the services we mentioned above, plus some longer-tail services that will appeal to various subsets of Seesmic’s () user base, including Bing Maps, Klout, Salesforce, OneRiot, Ning and Socialcast.

Here’s an interesting sidelight!  You may have noticed the characters following “Foursquare,” “LinkedIn,” and other applications named above.  If you click on one of them it will take you to blippr – a site where you can quickly learn about applications via brief descriptions and reviews by users.  This information appears as a pop-up on the Mashable site, when you hover over any of those characters.

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