Find Time to Eat Clean and Get Healthy!

Finding time to give yourself what you need isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to KNOW what you need.  Other times, you may be clear about the necessities, but actually following through on what you know isn’t part of your repertoire … yet.

Here’s the key … don’t give up! Remember that self care is fundamentally important … AND it’s not a pass-fail exam, it’s a lifetime process.

What’s involved in this lifetime process?  My friend and colleague Wendy Battles-Plasse, Nutritionist and Clean Eating Coach, suggests that people do best when they “have a consistent system in place that is simple and repeatable and allows them to worry less while feeling better, more energetic and balanced over time. It’s about tuning in, slowing down the hectic pace, and making time to create a healthy body and environment. It’s also about getting to know yourself, what makes you feel your best and what nourishes you.”

Many incremental changes are involved in becoming more self aware and developing a healthier lifestyle for yourself.  Each of those changes involves awareness, effort, and time. If you are interested in taking better care of yourself, feeling better, and having more energy (and time) for the things that are most important to you, then it’s very important to approach this journey with compassion, patience, and a positive attitude.

I suggest that you take it a step at a time, and remember that your vibrant good health:

  1. Is a matter of many, many small, daily choices;
  2. Includes a wide range of considerations and activities … not just what you eat; and
  3. Is well worth every moment of the time that you invest in it!

As an example of what I mean, here’s a very brief video from Wendy about the benefits of buying and eating locally grown foods.  Not only do local foods give you the nutrients you need … but you’ll feel the nurturing in other ways … as you find time to slow down, be more aware, and take care of the planet.

The ripple effects of self-awareness and self-care can be very powerful and profound, indeed!


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