Find Time to Enjoy July's Top Time Finder Posts

Finding time to reprise July’s top Time Finder posts is an opportunity to re-explore some heart-based, time-saving tips, while carefully side-stepping one or two lurking Time Gremlins!

Topping out list for July was a post titled Find Time to Really Do Your To Do List -3 Powerful Time Tips – all about how you can make your To Do List work for you.  Here’s where you can start befriending, rather than fearing, that list of yours!

Next up comes a post from May that continues to be a favorite:  Find Time to Stop and Really Listen to What You Tell Yourself About Your Time.  You see, the messages that you give yourself about time are:

“… the messages that provide the backdrop to your daily living. They can, quite literally, shape what you do, what you see, and what you feel about your day … and often they are entirely hidden.”

Heart-based time management is key to empowering yourself and coming to understand, in the deepest parts of your being, your relationship with time (and therefore, with yourself).

Another July favorite explored goal-setting from the perspective of heart-based time management.  “For your energy to be in sync with your time priorities and time choices, it’s important that your goals be connected to your core values. That’s a big part of what Heart-Based Time Management is all about.”  You can revisit that post by clicking here:  Find Time to Create a Goal-Setting Mindset to Achieve Success: 3 Timely Tips

Fourth on our list was one of the posts in our popular Time Gremlins series.  This one, titled Find Time to Outsmart Your Time Gremlins and Break Your Time Traps! looks at some ways that we trip ourselves up, when it comes to time – and some ways to stop doing that!

And last but not least, we explored the power you can find in your time choices in our Time Finder post titled Find Time for These 3 P’s Whenever You Make Time Choices.  “It’s no exaggeration to say that time choices, from the smallest to the largest, have a powerful and subtle ripple effect. They shape what comes next, quite literally, as well as affecting our perspective and approach as we move through our days.”  Read the rest of the post for our practical, heart-based tips!

So, did we include your favorite?  Are there particular areas that you’d like me to write more about on the Time Finder?  Drop me a line … I’d love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …

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