Find Time to Explore May’s Top Time Finder Posts!

As we always do at The Time Finder, we’re finding time to look back at the top posts from last month. I love taking this reflective pause, as we start a new month!

Topping the list of posts you enjoyed during the month of May was our exploration of ways to Find Time by Planning Realistically.  We cited a post by Wendy Battles of Healthy Endeavors and discussed using a timer for planning.  We explored the Times 2 Rule, and also looked at the ways that your perspective on a task can significantly affect the energy that you are able to bring to it.

“I can do this!”

Second on the list was Finding Time When Your Inner Critic Is Clamoring. Each month, I notice that whenever we write about the inner critic, people seem drawn to that information. I’m so pleased that readers of The Time Finder are recognizing the debilitating power of the inner critic and are working to lessen that!

Another perennial favorite on The Time Finder seems to be just about anything having to do with Twitter! This past month, the Cyber Monday post that caught your eye was Find Time with the Right Twitter Tools. The title pretty much speaks for itself!

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” Henry David Thoreau

The importance of making a good beginning to each day was also a top vote getter among readers last month. Find Time to Start the Day Well looked at ways to establish and maintain some self nurturing rituals in your daily routine — how are you doing with that?

Finally, rounding out the top Time Finder posts for May was our compilation titled Find Time for April Favorites as We Welcome May.

I hope you enjoy looking back at some of the ideas that you found intriguing last month, as you welcome this brand-new month of June.

To your time success!

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