Find Time to Explore Some Twitter Tools on Cyber Monday

Finding time to make the most of your social networking efforts is an ever-evolving challenge, isn’t it?  It can be daunting to keep up with the changes in Facebook and with your ever-evolving list of friends and followers on Twitter.

That’s why we like to try to bring you new tools that can help make the work more efficient, more effective … and even more enjoyable!

Recently, we’ve been exploring three tools here at The Time Finder that I’d like to share with you.  They serve three very distinct purposes:

  • Cleaning up your list of tweeps,
  • Extending your reach and focusing your tweets so that they go to the people who are most likely to share your interests, and
  • Automating your tweets so that more people are likely to read them.

First, the clean-up:  I invite you to take a look at Tweepi to get a good overview of who you follow that isn’t following you, and vice versa.  This tool is fast and efficient, and offers you the opportunity to sort within categories, target your searches, and follow or unfollow multiple tweeps at once.  We have been finding it very helpful in managing our list here!

Next, honing the focus of your list:  This is where we’ve been experimenting with BlastFollow! and finding it, too, to be an excellent addition to our Twitter Toolbox.  With BlastFollow! what you do is enter a hashtag in the box they provide.  They’ll come up with a list of tweeps who’ve used that hashtag.  If you want to follow them, just enter your username and password, and BlastFollow! will do the rest.  What a quick way to add tweeps in your niche to your list!

Finally, for timely tweets, there’s Twaitter – a service that you can use (like SocialOomph) to automate your tweets.  This can be an excellent tool for sending messages at times you know you’ll be away, for example.  Twaitter, unlike SocialOomph, offers the capacity to set up recurring tweets for free.  (SocialOomph has this in the paid version.)

As we explore these, and other, Twitter Tools, we’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime, if you try one of these tools, let us know what you think!  (And one time management tip:  Set your timer before you start trying these out – they can be addictive!)

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Let’s explore time together …

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