Find Time to Explore the New Time Finder Site!

Resources Page

Find time to check it all out!

I hope you’ll find time today to explore our new site and let us know what you think! We’ve changed quite a lot, so here’s a quick tour.

First, as you find time to look around, you’ll notice that our Home page features our popular Finding Time Success Kit. Why? Because it’s such a powerful (and free) collection of time tools — and we just really want everyone to see it and have a chance to claim it for themselves.

After the Home page, when you click the Resources tab you’ll be able to explore our growing collection of FREE time resources. Find time to take a look – it’s well worth the investment of a few moments.

Next, on our Blog page you’ll find a continually updated collection of timely posts about time challenges and opportunities that we all face.

When you visit The Time School you’ll have the opportunity to explore our collection of time management products, including our most popular offerings, along with new time tools that we are always developing.

Next up is our At a Glance page – a new page that we’re very excited about.  The idea came from a post on Sandra Martini’s blog and we’ve implemented it here, giving readers a quick place to stop in and check out whatever is trending here at The Time Finder.

Our last two pages give readers some information about me and a place to contact me and my support team anytime, day or night.

So, what do you think about the new site? It’s mobile-friendly (a huge plus) and gives us a place to explore time and help you with your time challenges wherever you are!

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