Find Time to Explore Twitter Applications and Ask Some Questions This Week!

42-15654386The Twitter Universe is expanding in every direction – from new users to new uses to new applications.  Each day, it seems, something new pops up in the Twitterverse – and finding time to keep up with it all can be a challenge!

That’s why, when I hear of a good resource, I like to share it here on Cyber Monday!

So, the first link I’d like to offer is an ever-growing compilation of Twitter Applications called Twitdom.    This is a fascinating site to explore and clearly illustrates the notion that on Twitter the possibilities are nearly endless.

For example, Site Volume is a site where you can enter words or phrases and then see how often they appear on Twitter (or other sites). Qwitter sends you an e-mail when someone stops following you.  WARNING – You will want to set some time parameters for exploring Twitdom – otherwise, you could easily end up spending the day there!

One of the Twitter functionalities that proves Twitter’s practical usefulness over and over is the way that users can Tweet questions and get answers quickly from the Twitterverse.  In a recent post on TwiTip, Darren Rowse shared a guest post by Paul Anthony about this (“Twitter, the Real Time Answer-Engine”) – and includes some suggested services and sites for getting fast answers on Twitter.

We had personal experience with the power of this tool when my VA was working on a WordPress upgrade at The Time Finder.  She had a question about an automated process and we put out the question on Twitter.  Within a few minutes we had a very helpful response from a Twitterer (@abledragon) in Australia!

Have you found Twitter applications that you love?  Have you ever used Twitter as an answer engine?  I’d love to hear about it!

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