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Finding time to get it all done is a challenge.  How are you working toward success and abundance in 2010? How can I help?  Here are two Cyber Monday ideas to start your week off well!

Let’s begin with a Timely Twitter Tip … because finding relevant content and conversations on Twitter is an ongoing challenge.  Twitterfall appears to be a tool that can help!

Twitterfall is a Twitter dashboard that lets you type in keywords and then displays all the tweets containing those keywords. You can use hashtags, people’s names, you name it!

Enter your term and then, when you click the search button, you’ll see the tweets come falling (that’s where the name comes from) down from the top of your screen. As you explore the feed, you can hover over each user’s twitter name and see some of their key information. At the righthand side of each tweet in your list, you’ll find an array of actions.  With a single click you can retweet, respond, follow, favorite … or do a number of other things  related to that tweet.

Here’s the Twitterfall blog, with a helpful, step-by-step video introducing the basics of the tool.

There are so many Twitter tools available, it can be overwhelming.  I encourage you to check this one out and, if it resonates for you and seems like something that can help you connect more efficiently on Twitter, add it to your repertoire!

Give it a try and let me know what you think … I’d love to hear!

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