Find Time to Explore Twitter’s New Features on Cyber Monday

Have you found time, yet, to take a look at the new Twitter?

It is being rolled out over time, so you may not have the option to explore it yet.  If you do, you’ll see a message at the top of your Twitter page, inviting you to take a look.

The biggest change  is that there’s now a two-column look to Twitter.  The left-hand column shows the Tweet stream that you’re used to seeing.  The right-hand column is for drilling down and seeing more about the content on the left side.

Another change that I like is that as you scroll down in your Twitter stream, you don’t ever come to the “bottom.”   There is no longer the need to click a link to go to the next page of tweets.

Paul Boutin has written an extensive review in the NY Times titled “A Look at the New Twitter.”  Exploring the functionality of that new right-hand column, he notes:

The right side starts out empty. It’s used for viewing more content related to the tweets on the left side. When you roll your mouse over a specific tweet, it sprouts an arrow button pointed to the right-hand pane. Click that, and what you see in the right pane will vary based on the content of the tweet. If the tweet links to a photo or video from one of many sites like Flickr or Twitpic where Twitter users post images and clips not allowed in a text-only tweet, Twitter will fetch the picture or video and show it in the right-hand column. You don’t need to pop open a new browser tab or window to see it.

Most of the time, though, there aren’t any multimedia links in a tweet. In that case, Twitter will show the same tweet in a larger format, plus the most recent three tweets by the same user. If the tweet contains a hashtag, such as #parkslopetornado, Twitter will also display a couple of recent tweets that contain the same hashtag. If another user has replied to the tweet, there’s a link to see the reply without leaving the window.

It looks to me like, with some practice, the new Twitter will offer a quicker and easier interface with your Tweeps.  Here’s a video that walks you through the changes included in the new Twitter …

And for those who like keyboard shortcuts, here is some very helpful information on how to navigate the new Twitter using your keyboard …

Have you accessed the new Twitter yet? What did you think?  Drop me a line, I’d love to hear!

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