Find Time to Explore Your Inner Twitter on Cyber Monday!

Finding time to engage with tweeps on Twitter, while not losing yourself to cyberspace, is an ongoing challenge.  In previous posts we’ve talked about using a timer to manage your Twitter time (as well as your time on other social networking sites).

If you haven’t found the time to buy yourself a timer yet, here’s an elegant little idea from Inner Twitter for bringing mindfulness to your Twitter time.

How does it work?  When you go to the Inner Twitter site you’re offered three different tweeps to follow.  Each one sends out a “chime” message on different time schedule. As a follower of a user with a particular chime schedule you’ll receive the chime at its designated time, and then you can choose how to respond to it.  Here’s a sample message from @mindful15:

……..*chime*…………..Mon May 17 10:29:01 2010

How might you respond to this chime when it arrives in your Twitter feed?  Here are a few suggestions from Inner Twitter:

1. Stop.

2. Let any tension you are carrying drain away.

3. Meditate on your breathing.

4. Notice whatever is immediately before you.

5. Potentially share your observations.

Please don’t feel like you must follow these steps. You may observe the chime in anyway you wish. It’s completely up to you. The idea is to just stop every once in a while.

Do you currently find ways to give yourself small breaks during your on-line work?  Would something like Inner Twitter be helpful to you?  Do you have other ideas that you’d like to share?  (I’d love to hear!)

Here’s to your time and internet success!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Alex Dropshipping says

    This is very true to a lot of people who spend hours surfing the internet. There are times that the mood of a person will also affect his or her tweets. The tips given in this article is really great. Just by reading the tips, you will already feel relaxed. The whole thing about this article is true. That is why there are people who are having fight online (cyber fights) because of stressful people who cannot control their emotions.

    Great Idea and Thanks for Sharing!


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Alex! Good luck with your tweeting and with reducing your stress. It sounds like you’re doing a good job at it!

  3. raul - como perder barriga rapidamente says

    I do 6 to 10 tweets and I like giving information with your article sure I’ll have a little more time

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