Find Time to Explore Your "Time Roots"

Finding time to know and understand yourself is one of the best investments you can make.  Exploring your “Time Roots” is about coming to understand the kinds of messages and lessons you learned about time from the earliest age.

This is so important, because we live and breathe and do everything that we do in the context of time.  So your feelings and ideas about time affect every moment and every task that you undertake in your life.

But those feelings and beliefs are so embedded – so much a part of us – that they can be very difficult to see.

“It would hardly be fish who discovered the existence of water.” Clyde Kluckhorn.

Stepping back and finding more time by expanding your sense of possibilities is a gift you can give yourself  TODAY – and it is very liberating.  Here’s a great start: take a close look at what is most familiar – your family of origin. You can gather profound insights by traveling back and exploring your roots – and specifically, your Time Roots.

How often have you felt trapped in a rut?  Do the ruts, or the feelings you get (and the messages you give yourself) have a familiar ring?

And then reflect on how often you have later learned a far more rewarding way to accomplish a task?  Well, such potentials to set yourself free are just waiting for you …

Your family’s time choices shape you from your first breath. Like fish swimming through water, oblivious to its presence, we often remain unaware of just how needlessly we hem ourselves in. The time legacy you learn as a child still moves through you like an invisible force – until you turn the spotlight on it!

So, I encourage you to explore your time roots … and watch the possibilities blossom!  Tomorrow I’ll be back with some specific questions you can ask yourself as you continue this Heart-Based Journey.

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  1. Interesting post, Paula. But don’t you think there are some good “time ruts?” As a writing & editing coach I start every day with a 17 point list of things I have to do first thing. (This is all super easy stuff such as checking my Google Analytics and tracking my bank balances.)

    I find I really ENJOY starting my day with this list and while I suppose it could be defined as a rut, I find it liberating. It gives me a structure for beginning each day without having to think too hard.

  2. Hi Daphne – Thanks for your comment. I loved your description of how you start your day! The word “ritual” comes to mind, as I picture your morning activities. It sounds like it’s nourishing for you and is most definitely not a rut.

    It’s interesting to ponder the differences between rituals, routines, and ruts. To my mind, I’d think one of the keys would be whether the activity serves you or not.

    What do you think?



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