Find Time to Extend Your On-Line Reach with Posterous

Finding time to extend your presence on the web, if you’re an on-line entrepreneur, is always time well spent.  And even if you are a casual user of the internet, staying in touch with family and friends is probably something that you’d like to be able to do more efficiently.  Do I have that right?

Well, Posterous is a quick and easy blogging platform that we’ve written about here before, and that can really streamline some of your internet activities. I recently learned that they have added an iPhone application, as well as lots of new themes for users to select from.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a blogger, an artist, or a casual user, Posterous offers a venue where, using e-mail as the vehicle, you can quickly move material to the web and post it in a simple, pleasing format. It is a particularly easy and useful way to share photos, audio, and video on-line.

This video by David Frosdick gives a brief overview of the capabilities of Posterous.

Using Posterous, you can also auto-post to many other social networking services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin … and many, many more.  As soon as you post something to your Posterous site, it will update all of the other social media sites that you have selected.

You can subscribe to other users’ blogs, and they to yours – creating another social community on the web!

Here’s what Denise Wakeman of the Blog Squad has to say about Posterous and extending your visibility on line:

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