Find Time to Find What You Need on the Web with RTBot This Cyber Monday

English: The three biggest web search enginesFinding information on the web can be complicated, with search engines like Google changing their algorithms … and therefore their search results.

How do you know what is shaping what you see when you search these days?

  • Is it your previous searches?
  • Your Facebook likes?
  • Your Amazon purchases?

That’s why I was interested to learn about RTBot, a new information service whose stated goal is to “simplify the access to information and content stored in different sites, reducing the time it takes to find relevant and fresh information on the internet.”

The way it works is you enter a search term in the search field and RTBot returns search results in a number of different venues and formats.  For example, a search for Mari Smith comes up with quite a few videos on the first tab.  Each tab reflects a different category of result – a helpful and time-saving innovation right there!

Here’s how they describe what they do:

Access the freshest information and multimedia content about almost any subject, person, place or event in one single place.

  • Complete research tasks quickly and easily.
  • Get a multi-perspective vision and real-time context for every topic.
  • Eliminate the need to visit different online resources separately.
  • Obtain new information each day – even if you are looking at the same article.
  • Visualize multimedia and social-media content related to every topic.
  • Embrace a didactic, intuitive, holistic approach to learning.
  • Discover new, relevant content about your favorite topics and interests.
  • RTBot offers a fun and engaging learning experience.
  • Topics research is moving from being “stateless” to being very much in the here and now.

And, of course, one interesting way to test out their search engine is to search for yourself and see how RTBot sees you!

Here is a video that will give you a quick glimpse of how the site works.

I don’t know that RTBot is more accurate or comprehensive than other search options, but the way it is organized, and its speed, make it an interesting alternative … it certainly doesn’t hurt to explore the possibilities that RTBot offers.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with RTBot and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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