Find Time to Find Your Financial Baseline and Take Charge

finances-pile of moneyFinding time to be in charge of your finances can be a challenge. And doing it during these tough times is even more difficult.

If you find yourself worrying about your situation, or procrastinating about it, or simply wanting to feel more organized and on top of your spending and saving, it may be a good idea to stop and take stock.

As with so many other things, taking the time to pause, pay attention, look around, and find your baseline is the necessary first step.  Also imperative is that this be done, not with self-critical eyes, but with fully open, compassionate eyes.

Money — It’s Complicated

Money can be a subject that’s particularly fraught with baggage. And if you approach it from a self-critical place, you are unlikely to get a full, clear picture of your situation and your habits.  Compassion opens doors that self-criticism simply can’t!

Finding your financial baseline is one key part of the equation.  The other is finding time to step in and create a plan for taking charge of your financial life.  Doing this, especially if money is a chronic worry, will do wonders for your outlook and sense of personal empowerment!

This might help…

My friend and colleague Maggie McCauley, The Effortless Organizing Coach, is offering a FREE call tomorrow evening. It’s about accessing your Money Wisdom. “The objective of the class is to increase your awareness around the impact of disorganization and clutter on your finances. And I’ll help you create a plan that will have you back in charge!”  Maggie will be walking participants through a process aimed at moving away from feeling overwhelmed and toward feeling empowered and in charge!  Again, the class is tomorrow, April 1, from 7-8:15 PM (ET), and you can sign up for it at this link.  (I have, and am looking forward to the call!)

Are financial worries on your mind a lot these days?  Do they eat up precious time and sap your energy?  Have you found helpful ways to cope?  Write a comment and share your experiences on The Time Finder – I’d love to hear!

And here’s something more…

What if you could find another hour every day? You can! For more Time Finding resources, you are invited to sign up and download The New Finding Time Boundary Template. It’s FREE, and when you sign up you will also receive (if you don’t already) my FREE, weekly Finding Time Tips and my FREE, monthly Award-Winning Finding Time E-zine!

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