Find Time to Freshen Your Morning Ritual and Renew Your Energy Every Day!

Finding time to celebrate – even a mini-mini-celebration, is a delightful way to add “juice” to your day. That’s why I recommend not only creating a pleasurable morning ritual, but also keeping it fresh, so it’s a genuine treat!

Ritual doesn’t mean rote, after all. My morning ritual provides consistent support, yet it’s fine-tuned to meet me wherever I am.  That means it’s flexible and changes from one morning to the next.

You might find it helpful to brainstorm a list of activities that provide a boost, and then select the one that speaks to your heart for the upcoming day. Here are a few questions you might ask yourself when compiling your list:

  • What engages my interest?
  • What energizes me?
  • What relaxes and centers me?
  • What sends me into the day ready to face the unexpected?

Does the last question surprise you? Well, your day may challenge you to focus where you’d hoped to relax, and to flex where you wanted to stay focused. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel more prepared?

When your morning ritual includes pastimes like memorizing favorite quotations, you plant in your imagination “seed phrases” that serve as mantras throughout your day, whatever it brings.

And when you move your energy with pleasurable activity during your morning ceremony, you will feel more sure-footed when new challenges come knocking.

See how far-sighted you can be when you look within!  Envision what challenges stretch you and which ones generate strain. Try playing with choices that provide a comfortable stretch.

At bedtime, you might reflect back. Ask yourself a few questions to open things up:

  • How well did your ritual support you?
  • Did it help balance your energies, inspire you, orient you or keep you focused?
  • Was it fun?
  • Did you rush through or skip certain portions altogether?

Don’t include any activities wearing a “you should” hat! Reshape your ritual until it sparks your enthusiasm and invites your commitment.

So are you ready to create a morning ritual for yourself and keep it fresh?  There’s so much to explore … so stay tuned!

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