Find Time to Fully Own Your Day-3 Tips to Get You Started!

Finding time to step proactively toward your time choices and “own your day” is one of the most empowering gifts that you can give yourself every single day (or more often, if you want)!

How often do you hear people say some version of the phrase, “My time is not my own”?  This is a huge misconception – and one that leaves people feeling out-of-control and victimized when it doesn’t need to be that way.  Not at all!  Our time choices are ours to make, no matter what! And the reality is that, if we choose to let others dictate what we do with our time, THAT is a time choice we are making.  Ultimately, it is in our hands.

So how do you find time to fully own your day?  What does that mean?

I like to think of each new day as a blank slate, filled with possibility and promise.  I may have tasks and responsibilities to fulfill in those 24-hours, but how I go about that is entirely my choice.

Three Tips

Here are 3 tips for “owning” your day, right from the outset:

  1. Know yourself. Are you a morning person?  Do you do better at night?  Don’t set yourself up by trying to start your day in a way that just isn’t “you.”  There is no ideal here.  The key is to fashion a routine that works for you and that helps you enter your day positively and proactively, no matter what is on your plate!
  2. Have a plan. Planning is, perhaps, THE key to owning your time choices, not to mention getting traction on accomplishing your goals.  I like to have a plan for each day that I usually start the night before and then refine when I’m ready to start my day.  It can also be very helpful to use the two column method to track what you finish and what you don’t, each day.
  3. Give yourself a moment. It is important to take at least a moment, first thing, to touch base and connect with yourself.  Whatever works for you is the way to go.  If you are a morning person and love to get out and exercise, a walk or run might be great for you.  Or maybe you choose to write in your journal, meditate, work quietly in your garden.

Connection is key…

The specific activities that you undertake aren’t so important.  What is VERY important is that you are connecting with yourself.  This starts your day on a positive and proactive note that empowers and energizes you for whatever else the coming hours bring!

How do you start your day?  I’d love to hear!

This helps, too.

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