Find Time to Get to Know Your Cyber Neighborhood

Finding time to track your blog and website statistics and, specifically, identify where your traffic is coming from, is a very important way to analyze and increase your online visibility.  I read an excellent post about this on Saturday.

Titled “Unmask Who’s Linking to You,” this post, by fellow Solo-E Expert Michelle Schaeffer gives an overview of some of the powerful (and mostly free) tools that are available for tracking your stats.  Why is it important to know who is visiting your site and where they come from?  As Michelle states:

Knowing which sites are linking to you and which links are driving traffic is important so you can focus your efforts on the most effective traffic sources for you.

Your time is limited, and so, the more you can target your efforts where they most need to be, the better off you’ll be. But where do you start?  The wonderful thing about cyberspace is that it is virtually limitless.  That, however, can make it hard to get your bearings.  And that’s where tools like AW Stats and Google Analytics can be very helpful.

We, in fact, use both AW Stats and Google Analytics to monitor our traffic here at The Time Finder.  My VA tends to gravitate toward AW Stats, while if I had to name a preference, it’d be Google Analytics.  Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two statistical tools, along with Piwik (another free option).

The data from both sources is usually (but not always) comparable.  We have found that sometimes the differences can help us uncover anomalies that need attention.  If you are interested in seeing who is visiting your site and where they are coming from, then having two (or more) systems tracking this can be helpful in assuring that you are covering all of the ground.

Then, there are the tools for monitoring who is linking to you.  (You are also able to view much of this information in the tools cited above.)  This is where you begin to see more specific data about your traffic, and can begin considering ways to increase it.

The more thoroughly you can come to know your cyber “neighborhood,” the more success you’ll have connecting with your neighbors and expanding your network of friends.  These tools give you a way to orient and “locate” yourself and/or your business in the vastness of the on-line world.  The more time you find to do this, the better situated you’ll be!

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  1. Hi Paula, thanks for the mention & link. 🙂

    Excellent tip about using multiple monitoring tools so you can watch for what might need attention.

  2. Hi Michelle – Thanks for stopping by. I loved your post – and thoroughly enjoy the information and tips that you share.

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