Find Time to Give an Affirmation Boost to YOU!

Finding time to energize yourself with affirmations is always time well spent. Today I want to share an exciting and simple, sensory-based “tickler” system that will let you give yourself gifts of validation throughout the day.

Try it for several weeks so that it becomes a nourishing, self-affirming habit for you.  Watch how your energy and attitude are affected, each and every day!

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Choose a color, a sound, a word, a smell.  It can be pretty much anything — or a combination of things.  What you choose should be something that you are likely to encounter in the course of your day.
  • Next, decide on a validation to associate with whatever “trigger” you chose.
  • You can have as many “triggers” and validations as you want.  I suggest keeping it relatively simple to start.  Have fun with it!

When you see the color green for example, you can have a word or phrase that you bring to mind — “growth” perhaps — or “I love how I am blossoming”! The sound of a bird chirping could lead you to say to yourself, “I am grateful to be alive!”  Seeing a dog trot by might be an opportunity to say to yourself, “I love my playful energy!”

I have a friend who travels a lot.  Whenever she comes to a red light, she uses that as a time to pause and focus on her in and out breath, saying to herself:  “Breathing in, I give myself what I need.  Breathing out, I let go of stress.” How wonderful, turning the small annoyance of a stop light into an opportunity to reconnect and relax!

Practice using these validations that you develop for yourself on a daily basis and see how your energy lightens and shifts for you with each affirmation!  And let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear!

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