Find Time to Give Your Life Shape with Boundaries

Boundary 2Finding time to honor yourself, your time, your life, and your relationships with boundaries is one of the most important time choices you can make!

If you’re a reader of The Time Finder, you know that I often explore Time Boundaries here.  That’s because boundaries (of any sort) are so fundamental to knowing who you are and what is important to you.

Boundaries define and give shape to your life.

This is true wherever and whenever they are employed.

Think about it.  A person without boundaries has no distinct shape.  He or she may seem very agreeable, saying yes to everything, indiscriminately.  But what that “agreeableness” means, in reality, is that:

  • Genuine relationship is elusive at best. It’s difficult to get close to and interact intimately with this person, because you cannot know her/his values or preferences.  If the answer to everything is “Yes” the person’s priorities and core values remain effectively hidden.
  • Disappointment is inevitable. It is impossible to get everything done – so this person’s “yes” is not meaningful.  It may sound agreeable, but without the means to follow through, it will often lead to feeling let down.

Reframe your thinking…

Unfortunately, boundaries seem to be often seen as limiting.  Reframing that, I would say that they are certainly defining. I would not call them limiting, however.  They offer you traction as you move through your day (and your “To Do List”).  Boundaries provide a very powerful way to take control of your time and your life so that you can live your values and focus your energy on your goals!

Be they time boundaries or relationship boundaries, using boundaries helps to give you shape – in much the same way that bones and muscle do.

Practice, practice, practice…

The more you practice using boundaries, the better shape you’ll be in and the more stamina you’ll have for whatever life sends your way!

Are time and relationship boundaries a part of your repertoire as you move through your day? I’d love to hear how you are moving toward using time boundaries in your life.

And here’s more help.

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