Validation Counts — Give Yourself an Oscar Every Day!

Validation is important.

And finding time to congratulate yourself and affirm your efforts is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  It doesn’t have to just be during Oscar season.  Your own positive regard, all year long, is vital. It gives you a solid foundation for exploring your talents, taking risks, and living your moments to their fullest.

Do you offer validation to others?

I bet you often acknowledge and validate the accomplishments of your friends, co-workers, and children. But do you think to give the same positive strokes to yourself? Probably not.

Often, self-validation just isn’t part of our repertoire. But step back and think about it.

You know how powerful The Attitude of Gratitude is. You’ve seen how it can quite literally change how you perceive and respond to things.  So how about giving yourself a pat on the back, EVERY day, for something?

Try it and see.

As with gratitude, once you begin to look at yourself with love and appreciation, you will not be lacking for things to feel good about.  Maybe it was taking that walk or run you had been meaning to get to all week.  Maybe you connected with a friend you hadn’t seen in awhile, or paid some bills, or cleaned out your in-box.  Perhaps you sat quietly, or played a game of Hearts with your daughter.  Or maybe you took time for yourself and went to a movie!

Just do it!

In many ways, the details don’t matter,  It’s focusing on and naming something about YOU that you feel good about each day that’s key. Not only will that have a profound impact on your energy, it will also help you open your heart wide to the WHOLE of you.  Your inner critic will hold less sway in your life, and you will be less afraid to look with clear eyes at your choices and values.

Try setting aside time to give a validation yourself at the start or end of your day. You could write your validation(s) down – what a lovely thing to look back on as the days and weeks progress!  Give it a try … and I’d love to hear what you notice about your energy and perspective.  You may not have an Oscar on your mantle … but I bet you will feel (and act) more and more like a winner!

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