Find Time to Give Yourself Exactly What You Need Every Single Day!

Finding time to get everything done in any given day can be a very tall order. How often do you feel like you’re running against a stopwatch and depleting yourself in the process?

Don’t you sometimes wish that someone would come along and give you whatever it is that you need in that moment?

Well, the good news is, that “someone” is YOU!

Think about it. You have the power to give yourself exactly what you need every single day. You really do – I’m not just saying that.

Here’s something I’d love for you to try as the new year gets underway:

As you begin each day, spend a few moments with yourself. You could try meditating, going for a brief walk, doing some journaling or stretching – anything that slows you down and puts you in touch with yourself.

At the end of those moments, think about one thing that you want to give yourself as the day progresses. Don’t limit your thinking – all the possibilities are open to you.

  • Maybe it will be something intangible like self-confidence or focus.
  • Or maybe some days it will be something quite concrete like a movie at 7:30 PM, or a piece of chocolate after dinner.
  • Whatever it is, it should be something that you would like to give to yourself based on your connection in that moment.
  • And whatever it is, be sure that you follow through on it!

At the end of each day, check in with yourself. Did you give yourself what you promised? Or did you give yourself something different?

It helps to keep a small notebook and just jot down, each morning, what you offer yourself. Then at night you can revisit your book and write down what you received. You may begin to see some interesting patterns.

When you give yourself exactly what you need every single day, you are building a warm and trusting relationship with yourself. You will notice that everything feels more positive and more possible as you build a track record of self-nurturing follow-through.

This is such a powerful and sustaining practice … I highly recommend it!

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  1. Thanks for this great advice, which you recommended to me some months ago. It really works! And another benefit – when I promise myself something to do with presence of mind, like “a positive attitude” my resolution helps me stay focused all day, as well.

  2. Hi Alison –

    I’m so glad that this is working for you – AND that you’re expanding on it, as well.

    Here’s to you and your time success!


  3. Rosella Young says

    Hello, Paula. While reading your ezine today, it occurred to me to thank you for all your 2011 tips. I thoroughly enjoyed each one. I look forward to them again this year. Thank you for all you do for others. Happy New Year from Alaska! Take care. Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, Invest in yourself P.S. Please note that my website only operates in the U.S. Int’l readers please google Longaberger to find the nearest one in your area.

  4. Hi Rosella –

    I am so glad that you look forward to the tips and find them helpful. And Happy New Year to you from New Hampshire! Here’s to your continued, Heart-Based Time Success in 2012 …


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