Find Time to Increase Your Productivity with this Cyber Monday Time Tool!

Finding time to be as productive as possible, with all the distractions and conflicting priorities that we encounter daily, can be a big challenge.  That’s why I was pleased to come upon a time tool that can be very helpful in meeting that challenge.

It’s called Action Enforcer.  While it’s not a free product (the cost is $27) my VA has been using it and has found it to be very helpful.  Action Enforcer is a time tool that uses the time management strategy of Time Boxing to help keep you on task and focused.  When you use Time Boxing to manage your time, instead of working on a task to completion, you set a time frame for a task and work on it ONLY for that amount of time.  Then you stop and move to another task.

Here is a helpful video describing how Action Enforcer works:

As my VA has noted, one of the best things about Action Enforcer is that you can make your action lists as specific as you want to.  That means that you can chunk your tasks down into bite-sized pieces, and experience success more frequently (as you “beat the clock” and accomplish your tasks).

People also note that, with this tool they learn a great deal about how they have used their time in the past – and how much their productivity is enhanced when they maintain focus!

Would you like to continue to address your time challenges so that you can find time to increase your focus, productivity … and heart-based success?

Then, I invite you to explore Secrets of Heart-Based Time Management – my chapter in the book I co-authored – Stepping Stones to Success!  In it I share my proven system for harnessing the power of your mind, your body and your spirit to help you explore your patterns, clarify your values, identify and prioritize your goals … and create your path for achieving them.

The in-depth interviews contained in this book provide practical and heart-based ideas to get you moving as you embrace yourself and your own uniqueness!  As one reader has said:

In fostering a climate of ever-expanding and deepening discovery, Paula’s system offers solutions that are founded in self-knowledge. They have a resonance and a wisdom that I find to be very unusual in the time management sphere.  Jordy Cornog, Canterbury, NH

You can give yourself the gift of this wonderful resource today, and get started on your journey toward success, Stepping Stone by Stepping Stone …just click this link to get the details!

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Let’s explore time together …

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  1. Ellene Breedlove Davis says

    Hi Paula,

    Ive been a user of the Action Enforcer for some time. I find that it keeps me on tract and it seems to help me work faster.


  2. Hi Ellene –
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your feedback.
    I’m glad you like Action Enforcer – your endorsement means a lot.
    Here’s to your continued time and productivity success!

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