Find Time to Keep Your Finger on Your Twitter Pulse-2 Twitter Tools

Finding time to stay on top of your social networking efforts is an ongoing task that you can often make a little bit easier by keeping an eye on the innovations that are made available.  For Twitter, in particular, there seems to be an almost constant stream of new applications geared to ease or extend every facet of your Twitter experience.

So, in the interest of making your Tweeting time easier and more enjoyable, here are 2 Twitter Tools that we’ve been recently testing and exploring here at The Time Finder.  Use them as you connect and communicate with your ever-expanding Cyber neighborhood!

Retweet Rank is a free Twitter tool that gives you a quick snapshot of who is retweeting your tweets and which tweets are getting the most play (i.e. what is being retweeted).  It also assigns you a rank score and a percentile.  You can run this measure for anyone on Twitter, and can use this Twitter tool to set benchmarks for yourself.  Periodically stop and check to see how you are doing, and then tweak your Twitter practice accordingly.

Retweet Rank offers a basic, free service, and then different levels of enhancement, should you wish to add capacity.

Twitter Mail is a nifty Twitter tool that gives you the ability to post Tweets by sending an e-mail to your special Twitter Mail address.  This, too, is a free service.  It offers added mobility and flexibility, when it comes to tweeting.  Twitter Mail is a part of Twitter Counter – a Twitter stats site that you may also want to explore.

Keeping your finger on your Twitter pulse is a great way to make sure that your social networking efforts are doing what you want them to.  Finding time to check out these 2 Twitter Tools could be time well spent.  Are there other Twitter tools that you especially like?  Let me know … I’d love to hear!

Let’s explore time together …

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with the Twitter Tools that are mentioned here, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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