Find Time to Keep Yourself Focused and on Track with This One Simple Tip!

Finding time to stay on track, especially if much of your work must be done on-line, can be a very big challenge.  There are so many potential distractions that can pull you away from your planned work.  Do you notice that you ‘lose time’ when you’re at your computer?  It’s a very common problem and may well be your biggest time drain.

But don’t worry!  Here’s one simple and sure-fire way to keep yourself focused and on track when you sit down to work at your computer:  Use a timer!

There really is no better way to create time boundaries for yourself so that you can stay focused and on-track.  There are lots of different kinds of timers that you can use – some on-line and some of the egg-timer variety.  Both can work just fine; I personally prefer the egg-timer type, as I can use it to stay on track, not just at the computer, but when I’m doing other things around the house and farm.

For accomplishing tasks that require a lot of focus, I like to set the timer for no more than 20 or 30-minutes.  Then, when it goes off, I get up and walk around a little bit, or do some stretches.  It’s important to give yourself frequent “movement breaks” when your work is primarily sedentary.  This refreshes your body and your mind, enabling you to return to your task with renewed energy.

I think you’ll find that your ability to stay on track is greatly enhanced when you work in shorter increments and give yourself clear boundaries.  You’ll begin to establish a rhythm that both your body and your mind will appreciate.

Not only that, but the more you know that YOU are in charge of your time, the more you can stay focused and on track.  As you use your timer to create and maintain your time boundaries you build self-trust around time management and time choices.  This makes it easier to let go of that tempting website that you want to explore ‘right now’ – because you know that you will find time to return to it later.  Clear time boundaries make that possible for you!

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