Find Time to Know the State of YOUR Union: Are Your Head and Heart in Sync for Success?

Finding time to stay connected with yourself – to have your head and heart in sync, is one of the most powerful time management choices that you can make for yourself.  So, whether you are a follower of politics or not, it’s important to ask yourself about the State of the Union periodically – I mean YOUR union.

This means setting aside some time to check in with yourself periodically.  For some this might be a daily, weekly, or monthly ritual.  The more time you spend doing this (and the more often you do it) the better – but it’s important to find what works for you and to build a pattern that you can trust.

You might ask yourself something as simple as, “How are you doing today?”  Answer honestly, and strive to open up to an internal dialogue.  Let a back-and-forth evolve.  This won’t happen all at once, but as you speak and listen to yourself, you may be surprised at what you discover.

It may feel like you are getting to know a new friend.  How wonderful!

As you learn more about the State of Your Union, you will be able to adjust the ways that you work and use your time, to better fit with your true values and needs.  Keep the dialogue going as you tweak things.

You can’t predict, at the outset, where this path may lead.  But here’s one thing I can absolutely guarantee:

When your goals are in sync with your values, your head and your heart work in tandem, freeing up energy and creativity that you may not have ever known that you had!

Why, it would be like the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Government working together.  Just imagine what could be accomplished …

So, I encourage you to check in with yourself frequently about the State of Your Union.  Listen to what your head and heart have to say to each other … and watch the possibilities blossom!

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