Find Time to Let Transition Times Foster the Changes You Already Want to Make

Finding time to welcome transition times, make the most of them and even come to appreciate them, is a worthwhile challenge to explore.  As we noted in yesterday’s post, much about how we approach transitions may be defined by what we learned about them as we grew up.

And, as we discussed yesterday, those lessons affect us profoundly and can even determine many of our actions if we travel through life unaware of their power.  But one of the secrets of heart-based time management is that we can free ourselves from those old limitations. Those messages aren’t written in stone, and the first step toward freedom is becoming aware.

The next step is to consciously choose how YOU, your powerful and grounded adult self, want to approach transition times.  It is so important to remember that this choice is entirely yours to make, and it shapes everything that follows.

  • What if you chose to welcome, not fear, your transitions?
  • Imagine choosing to view the unknown as filled with positive and exciting possibilities!
  • What if you embraced opportunities to let go of the old?  What would that feel like?

You see, transition times are times when things really are in flux.  As the illustration shows, you are letting go of one trapeze and have not yet grabbed another.

Try seeing this as a moment of pure potential (rather than pure terror).  You are confident of your strength and skills.  You know that you are not going to fall.  So, in this transition time, what do you want to do?

  • Are there tasks or habits or items that you would like to let go of?
  • Conversely, is there something new that you would like to start?

Here’s an everyday example:  When I make the annual transition from summer to autumn, I put my summer clothes away and pull out my cold weather gear.  And I always use the time to declutter my drawers and closets, sending unused items either to Goodwill or to the cloth recycling bin at our town recycling center.  Larger life transitions may present more profound challenges and opportunities.

What they all have in common, these transition times, is that something is changing and you have an opening to reflect and reassess.  If you listen closely, what transition times are saying to you is: “Change is here no matter what, so is there anything that YOU want to change while we’re at it?”

Just ask yourself, the next time you’re in transition, “Are there other changes I’d like to make in this moment?”  Listen to your answer, make it real, and drop me a line – I’d love to hear how it goes!

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Let’s explore time together …

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