Find Time to Let Your Creativity Blossom

Finding time to let your creative spirit develop and come to fruition can be a lot like tending a garden.  At least that’s a useful metaphor for me!  As much as art is a matter of inspiration, it’s also a matter of being steady and doing the preparation work that allows our inspirations to take hold and grow, whenever they actually come.

I am very excited to be putting the finishing touches on my upcoming teleclass with Ellene Breedlove Davis.  Our topic?  Finding Time to Be Creative:  Portrait of the Artist.  This is a free call, and you can join us at 7 PM next Tuesday, August 10th!

Ellene is an Artist and Creativity Coach, and she’ll be sharing her own experiences with making room (in both time and space) to nurture and sustain her art.  As you’ll see and hear from Ellene, art and creativity are not matters of magic.  They are better thought of as a melding of passion and skill … and readiness!

In a recent blog post, Ellene wrote:  “In my studio, I have a small blue chair that just calls me to create. Most of the time, I get my sketch book or journal, a favorite pen and just put the pen to paper. The ideas start to flow as soon as I relax, as my creative imagination starts to write or sketch.”

So, if we want to see our creativity take root, blossom, and produce fruit (moving back to that garden metaphor) … we need to give ourselves the time (and space) to tend it through its various stages!  We need to develop and practice the skills of our chosen craft, AND we need to give ourselves some version of Ellene’s blue chair, where we let ourselves open to our muse.

I would add that it is helpful and important to think of creativity in very broad terms.  Art takes many forms, and if you are limiting how you think about it, you are limiting the possibilities of your creative self!

I look forward to exploring creativity more fully with you in the coming days … and hope you will join Ellene and me on our call on August 10th!

In the meantime, do you have thoughts or questions about the creative process that you’d like to share?  Please drop me a line … I’d love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. I’m so excited you will be Ellene Breedlove Davis – I know of her, and I love her energy – I’m sure I’ll be inspired!

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