Find Time to Let Your Routines Deepen Into Rituals

Finding time to refresh your energy, keep in touch with your core values, and deepen your experience of your moments is always time well spent.  And creating and sustaining personal rituals is a tried and true pathway to doing this.

Rituals can help you live your moments in Strong Time:

Anything that causes us to pause and contemplate, I think, offers an opportunity to connect with strong time – with the deepest experience of a moment. Strong time is not about duration but about depth. Getting to strong time often involves some form of tradition or ritual – and these can be family rituals, rituals involving religious traditions, or simple, personal practices, like meditation, that connect you with your heart and the deepest parts of your life.

As we’ve explored rituals here, we’ve contrasted them with routines, noting that “Routines can often feel rushed or monotonous – or both!  They get you through one part of the day on your way to the next chapter.”

I was struck, yesterday, though, when a reader mentioned that she was happy to be returning to her normal routine after the holidays.  As I reflected on that statement, I realized that it may be helpful to think of routine as a part of ritual, rather than something different.

You might view routine as the raw material for ritual.  Routine is the foundation that makes ritual possible.

There’s a saying, often attributed to Woody Allen that states:  “90% of life is just showing up.”

I think it applies in this case.  In order to be present for the element of depth that ritual offers, you must “show up.”

Holidays and vacations, for all the richness they give us, can also be disruptive to routines that sustain us.  So it can be very refreshing to return to routine.

Indeed, it’s vital to re-establish and maintain routines, as they offer you a beginning place for your deepening into ritual … and into Strong Time.

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  1. Hi Alison –

    I am so glad that you resonated to this post.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Thanks, Paula. I really like your suggestion that routines can be deeply satisfying when I fully occupy the moment!

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