Find Time to Listen to Your Heart and Expand into Your Truest Self!

Finding time to slow down and take a breath in the midst of everything that you need to do each day is a challenge that we can all relate to.

What if you’ve come to a place where you feel yourself questioning what you are doing?  Maybe you are sensing that you don’t just need to slow down, but you also need to pay attention to that still, small voice that seems to be trying to say something to you?

That can be an even bigger challenge, because it’s always easier (in the short term) to continue on a well-worn path than to open up to your deepest questions … and to the possibility of fundamental (and freeing) change.  But if your path doesn’t really suit you, then you are spending your precious energy and time on pursuits that aren’t in sync with your true values and your heart’s call.  This ultimately leads to frustration and regret.

The good news is that we can choose to change that for ourselves. And we can begin at any time!  All that it takes is the courage and commitment to find the time to truly listen to yourself.  Once you open up to your heart’s voice and begin a dialogue with your deepest self, the next steps on your path will become clearer.  That’s a guarantee!

It’s not a matter of doing so much as it is a matter of hearing and seeing, experiencing and assimilating … and being willing to let go! There will be changes to be made as you expand into your truest self.  And they won’t all be easy.  But you will know that they are “right” because of the way they feel in your core.

Are you curious about what your heart has to say to you? Do you already have that dialogue going with yourself?  How do you create the space to keep it going?  If you’d like to explore this further with yourself, there’s a very informative (and free) teleclass being offered by my friend and colleague Cindy Hudson.  It’s titled “3 Keys to Creating Clarity and Connection in the Midst of Chaos” and you can join the exploration on Tuesday, May 25 at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET.  I think you’ll find it time well spent!

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