Find Time to Live from Your Unique and Powerful Place of Truth

Finding time to live authentically and powerfully in the world … walking, breathing, and choosing from the depth of our truest selves … is one of the most fundamental and rewarding challenges of our lives.  To meet that challenge, we are called to sift through all the different voices that speak to us and learn to recognize and listen to the voice of our own Inner Wisdom.

That’s just part of the message that Soulful Coach Joanna Lindenbaum shared in our EducationRich and HeartBased Teleseries last night.  She also assured us that if we take the time and create the space, the Voice of Our Truth will emerge.

Sharing very generously from her personal journey, Joanna noted that accessing your Inner Wisdom is, first and foremost, a process.  And at core, it is a process of looking within for your truth, rather than looking outside and giving your power away to other people, to social norms, or to institutions.  Joanna put it beautifully and succinctly when she said:

Listening to your Inner Wisdom means living always at the Point of Choice from your Place of Truth.

To say that tapping into your wisdom is powerful would be an understatement … however it is not magic.  It means learning to recognize when you are working off of voices other than your own … when fear is driving a decision, for example, rather than the wise voice inside.

It also means, at its core, learning to recognize, respect, and respond to the cues that our bodies are giving us all the time.  Joanna’s process for accessing Inner Wisdom is firmly grounded in the mind-body-spirit connection.  As she noted last night, it’s no accident that intuition is so often framed as a “gut reaction.”

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When you listen to that wise voice inside and live from your unique place of truth, the sky’s the limit!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. That was a wonderful call. Thanks so much! I’ve signed up for the VIP Level so I can get a word-for-word transcript of what she said – there is so much I want to review and to assimilate! And I’m looking forward in utilizing Joanna’s bonus, the 5 Part E-Course, “How to Overcome the 5 Common Obstacles to Success” too!

  2. So glad you liked the teleclass, Alison … and that you took advantage of that VIP offer, too. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Joanna … felt like we could have gone on, easily, for several more hours. There’s so much information to share!

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