Find Time to Live Your Values

sacred-and-profaneFinding time to live your values is the best road I know to clarifying your time choices, re-energizing your time priorities, and living your life as fully as you can.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed about your choices or struggling with competing priorities, that’s a good sign that you may need to step back and do some values clarification. It needn’t be a lengthy or arduous task. Think of it as a friendly dialogue with yourself – a way of getting re-acquainted!

Life has a way of building up momentum and starting to whiz by, doesn’t it?

Pause to Reconnect with Your Values

Wendy Battles of Healthy Endeavors is using some quiet time this week to reconnect with herself and “just be.”  She’s setting some boundaries and putting her priorities into action in a proactive and revitalizing way.  I look forward to reading her insights about this in the days to come!

Last week, I posted a new article on titled:  Time Management Tips – 5 Essential Insights About Values.  It explores the ways that what we value influences our actions, whether we are conscious about that or acting out of unconscious (but deeply rooted) beliefs.  Our value system is, truly, our inner guidance system.

It is vital to be as aware of this wellspring as possible.  Finding time to clarify and reconnect with your values means that you can live with integrity and your full power.  It removes impediments to your energy, allowing it to flow clearly and cleanly from your core.

Values are deeply personal, and determine how you experience your entire life. Remember, you always have the right to establish values that speak to your truth! And you always have the power to use your time accordingly. Put your best energy into your time choices, and your life will fulfill you!

Now ask yourself, what choice can you make right now to align your time choices with your values more powerfully?

Here’s to finding time to live your values!  Have you explored your values and experienced the power of living them more fully?  I invite you to write a comment or drop me a line ( – I’d love to hear!

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