Find Time to Look Back and Savor October and Our Top 5 Time Finder Favorites

Finding time to look back and savor what’s been is a great way to energize and ground yourself as you get ready to move ahead.  It’s definitely one of my favorite parts about starting a new month here at The Time Finder.

When you look back and savor, you solidify and assimilate lessons learned.  You also have the opportunity to make choices about what to let go of and what to carry along on your journey.

These are powerful choices – and the wonderful news is that they are entirely in your hands!

When I look back and savor the month at The Time Finder, I am engaging in that same process … and here’s what I found about our readers’ favorite posts during October 2011 …

Topping the list was our post titled “Find Time for Your Feelings-When You Name Them You Claim Your Power!

Work to be open and compassionate with yourself as you explore and identify your feelings. Remind yourself that there are no “bad” feelings – they simply are what they are. Once you are able to see them, you are able to make much more informed choices about how to respond to them.

Second … a very close second … was our companion post titled “Finding Time for Feelings: It’s The Heart-Based Way.”  These two posts, together, give you a helpful roadmap to empowering and energizing yourself so that you can live your moments with clarity and compassion.

When you approach time management in a heart-based way, you include all the parts of you – mind, body, emotions, and spirit – in the equation. And that adds up to a lot!

“Finding Time for Feelings-Move Ahead Powerfully by Looking Back” came in third for Time Finder readers.  Here’s a snippet of this post … you can’t go wrong when you explore your feelings …

Finding time for feelings is hands-down the most powerful time management skill that you can develop. Whether you are naming your feelings in the moment or looking back to find their roots, the moments that you spend exploring your emotions will energize you for whatever tasks you face.

Finishing fourth and fifth on our list of October favorites were two posts from the Time and Technology category:  “Find Time to Keep Track with Trackur on Cyber Monday” and “Find Time to Share Using Google Circles and Google +1: Timely Tech Tips”.  Did you find them helpful?  Want to check them out now?

There’s so much to explore!

So are you ready to move into November?  What will you bring … and what will you leave behind?

Stay tuned, there’s more to come as this new month unfolds.  In the meantime, if you’d like to explore ways to increase your power and effectiveness – whether it’s in your business, or your personal life … I am so pleased to be able to offer my expertise and support as The Official Guide to “Time Management”.

You can visit by clicking the link, and when you do you’ll find lots of time management articles by experts in the field, along with a vibrant and welcoming on-line community. Stop by my Expert Page and leave a comment or question … or just say hello.  There are lots of ways to connect … I’d love to get started!

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  1. You can also consider using instead of trackur. There’s an free search engine on Good luck!

  2. Thank you for sharing this additional resource, Daniel.

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