Find Time to Maintain Your Blog on Cyber Monday – 5 Tips to Get You Started!

42-15654386Finding time to keep up with writing blog posts, as many bloggers know, can be a challenge. In an upcoming Cyber Monday post, I’ll be taking a look at some good sources of content (especially for when you’re stuck for blogging ideas).

Today, however, what I’d like to discuss is even more basic – finding time to keep your blog running smoothly. The Time Finder is a WordPress blog, but the basic concepts apply to any blogging platform.

A blog has a lot of “moving parts”, and if they aren’t all working well, they can spell difficulties for you and your readers.  Yet blog maintenance is a task that, like car maintenance, can often be something that we postpone or let fall by the wayside.  Sometimes, the consequences of doing that are annoying and sometimes they can be downright dire.

I highly recommend that you set aside time, at least weekly, to devote to blog maintenance.  If you work with a Virtual Assistant (VA), this is a task that you can clearly delegate to him or her.  If you are technologically inclined, you might find that you enjoy performing some of these tasks yourself.  They give you an opportunity to explore your blog in a whole different way!

Whoever ends up taking care of these tasks, here are a few basic maintenance items that I urge you to consider:

  • Back-up, Back-up, Back-up! This is something you need to do weekly … and if you do NO other maintenance task, do this one!  We needed to restore our blog once – and the back-up absolutely saved us!  You can set this plugin up so that it performs the back-up at intervals that you specify.  (We also have it set to automatically e-mail us the back-up file.)
  • Check for Spam:  We do this daily, so that it doesn’t pile up.  WordPress blogs offer a spam-catcher (Akismet) as well as different dashboard plugins that display spam comments and allow you to process them.  The one we use (Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu) gives a very easy method for viewing and deleting spam.
  • Keep Your Plugins Updated! WordPress plugins are constantly being tweaked and improved by their developers.  The dashboard that we use flags plugins that have been updated, and the process of integrating these updates into your blog is a matter of a few clicks.  It’s very easy – and important – to keep on top of this. In addition, set aside time to periodically check on new plugins that can enhance your blog.  There are hundreds to choose from – and WordPress has them set up in a searchable plugin directory!
  • Check your links … it’s so important to not frustrate your readers with broken links!  This is another process that is automated by WordPress plugins.  We run our Broken Link Checker weekly.
  • In addition to checking your links, be sure to check your “Blogroll” – that’s the list of links you maintain in your sidebar.  Blogs come and go – and you don’t want to be sending your readers to a site that’s inactive!  This is a check that we do at least monthly at The Time Finder.

I suggest that you develop a maintenance schedule with daily, weekly, and monthly categories of tasks.  And remember – if you do nothing else, back-up, back-up, back-up!! And please drop me a line … I’d love to hear how you carve out time in your busy schedule for blog maintenance!

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  1. KymberlyFunandFit says

    Hi there Paula: Enjoyed the quick and “oh so true” reminders about maintaining my blog site on a regular basis. Since my site is new, your tips will start my habits off right! Kymberly from fp2p class

  2. Hi Kymberly – Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad that you found the post helpful … and I look forward to connecting via fp2p!

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