Find Time to Make Your Holidays Yours!

CB006061Finding time to get everything ready for the holidays and finding time to celebrate special times may not always be the same.

As Thanksgiving gets closer and closer, with the December holidays waiting in the wings, I have been thinking about two very different ways we can approach these events.  The energy we bring to the holidays can make all the difference in how we experience them!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the holidays?  Are they yet another “task” in your already-full schedule?  Does it look impossible to get the necessary cooking and shopping and planning done before holiday time arrives?  Do you find yourself wishing that you could skip it all?

Maybe it’s time to step back and take another look.

I always encourage people to think of time as a basket.  In the basket are all of the things that your have committed your time to.  Chances are that your basket is full.  Perhaps it is even overflowing.  How do you fit something like the holidays into it?

Well, the other thing that I encourage people to do with their basket of time is to take something out when they add something to it.  Even as a temporary measure, this is important as a way to relieve stress and keep your expectations realistic.

So, as a first step, add the holidays proactively to your basket of time. Making this your own, proactive choice removes the “victim” energy that can sometimes accompany the holidays – especially if you are feeling stressed and impinged on by them.

Next, think about what you can take out of your basket, temporarily, to give yourself some breathing room!

  • Make yourself a quick list of possibilities.
  • Don’t remove your self-care time, as that will leave you feeling depleted just when you want to have access to your best energies.
  • Act on at least one, and ideally two or three of the possibilities you’ve listed.
  • Be sure to let others know, if they will be impacted by your choices.
  • Remember that this is a temporary measure!  Once the holidays are over, you can return to your regular priorities.

As an added bonus, in letting go temporarily, you may discover that there were things on your list of time priorities that you didn’t actually need to be doing.  This can free you up even more going forward!

While we’re talking about holiday planning, here’s something to add to our basket of time for Thursday, December 3 from 7:00-8:15 PM ET! It’s a FREE teleclass offered by my friends and colleagues Cindy Hudson and Maggie McCauley titled:  Color Your Holidays With Calm, Confidence & Courage – Tools To Help You Thrive In The Midst Of Holiday Madness.  As they say, “If you’re tired of the same ole’ same ‘ole holiday routine and you’re ready to feel calm, confident and courageous all during the holidays this year, come to the class and make this the most effortless and joyful holiday season ever!”  Knowing Cindy and Maggie, they are going to have some very useful and inspiring information to share.  I encourage you to check it out!

How are you feeling as the holidays approach?  Have you made room for them in your basket of time?  There’s still time to make proactive choices about it … there’s always time for that … so here’s to your time success!

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